Upstaging your own wedding

We have celebrated four weddings in our churches so far this year, and another four before the end of the year. And many more planned for 2015. It is fascinating, and usually enjoyable, to see what extra little touches couples add before and after the ceremony itself. There is no doubt the options increase year by year, with more and more firms and small businesses thinking up new and exciting ideas to tempt the young couple.

There is no doubt at all that Keep It Simple is the best principle to follow by far. The great advantage of a wedding in an ancient church in a beautiful rural setting is that it sets the context better than anything you can buy. And being little churches they neither demand nor suggest extravagance.

So perhaps for that reason, it is important not to upstage your own wedding. I have one example from some time ago that has burnt itself into my imagination. Unknown to everyone, it wasn’t the car the bride and groom would leave in, but a helicopter! Now that was memorable, as it lifted off from the field by the church. But the wedding? Completely upstaged. ‘Can you remember what the bride wore? Or anything about the service? Or what the church looked like?’ ‘Er, no … but there was a helicopter!’ One dramatic detail wiped out everything else.

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