Annual Pilgrimage 2016

Well 16
Saturday, 9th July
It was good to welcome a good number of people this year who were new to the service, that is to say the Sprinkling service at the holy well, but great singing and plenty to eat after the liturgy. We were fortunate with the weather: with rain before and after, it was clear for our time outside. A forceful sermon from Fr Stephen Race, Rural Dean of Barnsley, Vicar of St Mary’s and St Paul’s Barnsley, and Director of Ordinands (busy man!) on the power unleashed at baptism by the Holy Spirit.
A sadness, especially for members of the Society of Mary, on the recent death of Fr Ian Brooks, for so many years the Superior of the North-West ward, and who had been hoping to bring a pilgrimage to the holy well later this year.
But it was great to have Deacon Alex Ladds, newly ordained, who presided at Benediction for his first time. And to welcome back Mrs Anita Dickens, who has moved to Cheshire to be closer to family. A prayerful supporter of the ministry of the holy well, Anita was also a great worker in the Mothers’ Union, but she left almost before people realised. So Mrs Joan Plum, president of the Barnoldswick branch, was able to make a presentation to her at the end of the service, in gratitude.
All in all a grand day out, celebrating the healing power of the Lord.

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