Sunday tent service


British Caravanners Club – Festival of Lanterns

It was a great privilege for Alex and Paul to lead the Sunday Service of worship for The British Caravanners Club’s National “Festival of Lanterns” event, which this year, took place on Heslaker Farm Field, near Carleton on Sunday 28th August.

Despite the night before having a torrential rain storm, complete with thunder and lightning, and the ground being sodden, over thirty people joined us in a Marquee for a moment of prayer, song and reflection.

We all arrived feeling a little despondent, wondering if we would even get off the field, as it felt very much like a Glastonbury moment, with muddy boots and vehicles sunk in the ground, but we all left the service filled with joy and praise to God and all his creation, looking forward to the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend.

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