St Bede’s Day gift

Today we celebrate St Bede, one of the greatest English scholars of all time, and one of the most European in outlook.  I think he would be saddened (on the 1,283rd anniversary of his passing from this world) by the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation.  Not because its aims are not admirable, but because of its bias towards large organisations (the very ones that caused the problems of data selling in the first place).

For example, because we cannot be sure of any list of emails, we must advertise future events by means of Facebook (a cruel irony).  We should also lobby hard for a removal of the annual fees.  True, they have been waived for the moment, but only temporarily.  If they were to be enforced, they would cost the parish £210 a year.

Enough of whingeing.  Here is the Parish Privacy Notice:

Parish Privacy Notice

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